Would You Rather Drive an Electric or Gasoline Powered Car?

Watch the Tesla Model S beat a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

After reading some of the comments in the video, it is difficult to comprehend why people are so against electric cars. The Tesla automobiles are such an incredible engineering feats because they are able to accelerate rapidly and their batteries have unbelievable milage, yet people are so attached to status quo of gasoline powered vehicles.

Would you rather drive an electric or gasoline powered engine?

Things to consider: Price of vehicle, price of fuel, the environment, cool factor, the lack of choices for electric vehicles, battery life, distances traveled

What are some other things to consider? List them in the discussion below!

Would You Rather Dry Your Hands With Paper Towels or Air Dryers?

Sometimes we do not really have a choice on how we dry our hands in public restrooms. However there are two main methods: paper towels and air dryers. The video below by ASAP Science gives a 2 minute summary about the pros and cons of both in terms of environmental and hygienic benefits. Would you rather dry your hands with paper towels or air dryers?

Things to consider: deforestation, saving paper, waste produced by man, hygiene, bacteria, convenience, whether or not the air dryer is a Dyson Airblade (because they are awesome!).

Would You Prefer American Coke or Mexican Coke?

Coke as in Coca-Cola. Hope the title wasn’t anyway confusing. Buzzfeed has released this a video about Mexican coke versus American Coke. It’s really a debate between natural sugar cane azúcar versus the cheaper and synthetic corn syrup/fructose. Which would you rather have, American Coke or Mexican Coke?

Things to consider: price, taste, amount of sugar, form factor, needing a bottle opener

Would You Delete Facebook Because They Are Secretly Listening to You?

Privacy has been a topic debate ever since Edward Snowden revealed NSA’s capabilities. According to Matthias, Facebook has a new feature called “Listening” that listens to all the activity that takes place in the background. The idea is so that they can figure out what movies, music, and other interests you may like. He explains more in the video below:

Facebook has become a dominant way to communicate with all your friends and acquaintances. Would you really delete Facebook forever?

Things to consider: Fear of missing out, unable to connect with older friends, unable to stalk old friends, inability to be stalked by other people